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Bridal: Enhance Skin Color & Luster + Enhance Hair
Anti-aging: Radiant Skin at Every Age | Hair Fullness. Non-dye Grey Coverage
Floral: hand-crafted with Exotic Flower Oils of Roses, Orchids, Camellia, Lotus
99-100% naturals from Fruits, Seeds, Herbs, Clays, Gums..
Considerate to Sensitive Skin. Free of: Water, Fragrance, Color, Petroleum, Alcohol and Sensitizing Synthetics.

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4 Fantasy Hair Products
Longer, Stronger, Volumized, Smoother, Styled
Blog: How to have Good Hair Everyday | Video: Non-dye Distinguished Grey Coverage

Enhance Color & Luster of Skin
Orchid Serum for Radiant & Lighter Skin tone
Turkish Rose Cream for Supple & Pinker Skin tone
Blog: Anti-aging Orchid pics| Making of Rose Cream

Eye & Lip Elixirs

Delicately Smoothing, Softening, Brightening,

Extra Dry/ Eczema Itch Synergy USDA org hypo-allergenic Oils, 4 strengths
Blog: Search for Non-allergenic Soap (Marseilles)

Free of Common Irritants, Fragrance, Color, Water, Alcohol. Gentle Care for those prone to Sensitive Skin.

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