Every Ancient Culture possesses Skilled knowledge of valued herbs & special techniques to extract their best qualities.

We combine these precious, high quality ingredients from different Cultures
creating Fine Synergies to add a Glow to your Face, and Bounce to your hair
at any Age..

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VinterProof Vegan Line77Roses Divine Skin Care

Synergy of Natural OilsNatural Hair Oil: BestSeller.(Prev Natural Hairgrow Serum)
To energize Hair and make it Bouncy. Uses Oils used by the Geisha, the Indians & the South Americans.
From $17.99. See Product Details

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Fountain of Youth (Prev OrchidSerum
Bring back Your Glow, Smooth, Firm Skin with this ultra-light Serum enriched with oils from Orchid Flowers & Macadamia Nuts .
#2 On our BestSeller List, this Serum may become the only Face Serum you'll ever need! Only 2-3 precious drops can cover the entire face.
"Fountain of Youth" gives the appearance of Firm, Tight, Smooth & Clear, light-reflecting Skin along with a youthful glow From $16.99 Read Product Details

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Activates natural collagen and reduces inches of flabby, sagging skin in tummy. Good for those also in weightloss programs Read More
95% Organic, Hypo allergenic Natural Eczema synergy. May reduce upto 60% for milder cases. 3 Strengths.Seabuckthorn, Chamomile, Manuka & others. Read More New testimonial

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What are Serums to start with

Serums are high concentrations of active ingredients.
Serums are Top of the line in the anti-aging brigade.

- More potent than regular lotions, Serums contain upto 70% + active ingredients in the form of botanical extracts, natural antioxidants, naturally occuring vitamins, enzymes etc.
Compared to conventional treatment creams which contain 0.1%- 10% of active ingredients. Secondly, many are diluted, Aqua (water) is almost always top of the list.
Serums, are thus more effective & faster acting than OTC treatment creams

What are Holistic Serums

Holistic Serums are unique because they use only natural oils, extracts, clays, seeds, etc in their composition. They are highly concentrated, and a little goes a very long way.
Ingredients have been selected from Ayurveda, Aromatherapy & TCM and they include precious oils like Rose Otto, prized through the ages for rejuvenating properties and also free radical-busting, newly discovered Orchid extract, Aswagandha & others
Read more about Serums vs Treatment Creams in Blog.
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Whats NOT in Holistic Serums

The importance of preservatives cannot be denied when the product will come into frequent hand-contact.

Apart from a few of our new cream-type formulations, they are free of Preservatives, Alcohol, Colors, Synthetic Fragrance, Animal Ingredients, Sulfates, Phthalates, Parabens, Petrochemicals & their derivatives and all kinds of chemicals.
We don't just use a few natural ingredients, they are completely 100% Natural which is significantly rare in the current industry.
Using a few precious drops of our gentle, natural serums will benefit hair, skin and body immensely, not just for the short run but the long run too

In France aromatherapy is incorporated into mainstream medicine recognizing the antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties of oils in the control of infections. Some essential oils are regulated as prescription drugs, and thus administered by a physician.
They use an aromatogram. First the doctor cultures a sample of infected tissue from the patient and then each petri dish is inoculated with a different essential oil to determine which best inhibits the target strain of microorganism. This essential oil is used to treat the patient.

In many countries essential oils are included in the national pharmacopoeia, but up to the present moment aromatherapy as science has never been recognized as a valid branch of medicine in the United States, Russia, Germany, or Japan.


Alfaalfa for Acne

Blueberry in Trimming Mask

Cranberry in Neck Serum

Pink Grapefruit in Cellulite Serum

Jasmine sambac in Natural Perfumes

White Lotus in Tummy Tucker Xtra

Rose Otto in Eye Wrinkle Eraser

Sage in Hair Damage Repair

Saffron in Lip Restorer

Tamanu in Active Stretchmarks Reducer

How do our Serums work?

They work by activating the body to repair itself. When the body is under stress of disease, environment, aging or other damage, it needs a little help to begin the repair process. This is at the Core of every product we offer.

1. We use high-potency exceptional ingredients
Many natural ingredients show similar properties in varying degrees. We've taken care to select only those which show faster action for specific treatments

2. We use an extremely high concentration of active ingredients.
Adding fillers can lower costs by upto 80% but so does the effectiveness. We choose to have the highest concentration of actives possible. Many times the first ingredient listed in drugstore items is water, which means you are paying for a dilution in a bigger bottle.

3. Our products are completely natural and completely whole.
Many products sold as natural, arent.
As they use only a fraction of the ingredient, its innate balancing nature is lost due to which excessive use tends to show side-effects.

4. Freshly made
Our serums are made in small precise batches for maximum potency. We customize, provide hypo-allergenic options.

5. Ongoing research
All our products have gone through many months of research and are being continuosly improved on. The next time you visit, you may find products added or modified to the better.
Your feedback is essential to us and much appreciated. Write to us and you may find special offers in your mail!

As new research uncoversmore and more natural ingredients are being discovered, we think the best way is to continuosly research them and incorporate them into our ingredient list.

6. International ingredient list
We dont limit ourselves to locally available ingredients, Orchid extract and Camellia from Japan, Kukuinut from Hawai, Organic Rose extract from Bulgaria, Shea oil from Africa, Seabuckthorn oil from Russia and so on.