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"Living in India, USA & Singapore gave access to distinct Alternate Therapies.
From the East comes 2000-old Ayurved & TCM and from the West, the ancient history of Aromatherapy.We create Uniquely Synergistic Holistic Serums with ingredients from these wondrous Wholly natural Ways of Life." About Us

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Bridal Skin & Hair Packages
Get Glowing Skin & Healthy Hair in 3-Weeks

Orchid Serum After 3 days of use : " I can definitely see a difference in my face. I am really noticing difference in jawline with the orchid serum. It is (looking) really good now " Sue F., Australia
Natural Hair & Scalp Serum (prev Natural Hairgrow Serum)
..it works great. Thank you for your support and dedication to provide a pleasure experience and service to your customers, I won't forget it and I will spread this action to others. "
"It was doing pretty good and felt nice on hair when i was using it- Kris"
"I liked the hair growth (Hair & Scalp Serum) product very much and will probably order it again- Jamie"
"I have seen some new growth - Ben"
" I'm amazed by how soft and silky it can make the hair feel. Right now it's time for me to put a relaxer/perm on my hair and usually it's so hard to manage without one...the katuri (Hairgrow) is making it manageable enough where I can comb right through it without any problem - Shania"
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Jan 21
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Reshma Khavnekar 5 star
"Awesome line up of products by Holistic Healing !!! Loved their winter care products especially the lip balms which are very good.The hair serum for frizzy hair n the pure rose cream are working wonders for me and are my favourites.! Wishing them tremendous success !!"

Each of our Serums were made with specific Purpose.
GO Behind-The-Scene on how our Serums were made.

Ayurved in the Morning..

Jan 20
In today's Post, I share Client Pics and my own Skin Care regime with Holistic Serums to offset damage.

Jan 19
Dani Johnson "Live your life by design, not default Circumstances come and go. They change, take sharp turns in directions you never expected. But you don't have to let your life be defined by those circumstances."

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Synergy of Natural OilsHAIR
Natural Hair & Scalp Serum
.(Prev Natural Hairgrow Serum)
A Synergistic combination of 12 oils from Around the Globe, each carefully hand-picked for hair-beneficial properties.
For Hair that appears Voluminous, Healthy and Bouncy. Includes precious Oils used by the Geisha, from India, Hawai & South America.
Trial size from $17.99. See Product Details

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Porcelain Doll: Orchid Serum

An Ultra-light Serum enriched with Orchid Flower Oil & Macadamia Nut Oil with sebum-like properties.
For Clear, Light-reflecting Skin. For Smooth, Glowing Skin overnightMakes skin appear Tighter, more Refined and Youthful. Just 2-3 precious drops for the entire face. #2 On our BestSeller List If you are 30+, this Serum may become the only Face Serum you'll ever need!
From $16.99. More Product Details

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EverLast Gold, Myrrh & Frankincense FACE
Everlast Gold Rejuvenating Creme

Made with 23k Gold, Myrrh & Frankincense, this is a superb cream for smoothing wrinkles overnight, and making skin appear Luminous and Smooth. Limited availability. Product Details

Surestop Eczema Itch Synergy

95% Organic, Natural oils Synergy. Hypo allergenic. May reduce upto 60-70%% for milder cases.
Made with gentle oils Seabuckthorn, Chamomile, Manuka & other natural oils known to soothe allergies.
Available in 3 Strengths & Trial Sizes.For Babies & AdultsRead More New testimonial

Vegan Instant Anti-aging Facial KitPARTY
Vegan Instant Anti-aging Facial Kit

Step-1: UltraGlow Soap- for cleansing and clarifying, Step-2: Chocolate Skin Polish for blemishes, Step-3: Beauty Secret Masque for instant firming tighetning effect & Step-4: Pure Rose Overnight Renewal Creme to maintain effects. Product Details

Ultra Glow Soap
Beauty Treatment in a Soap. Available separately in various sizes. Top seller. Currently Avl in India. Read details on blog

Serum: Tummy Tucker Xtra

A Unique formulation, Specifically designed to smooth and firm sagging skin along midriff. Indicated for moms & those in weightloss programs. Made with White Lotus Oil and Kukui Nut Oils Read More

VeganBeautyReview on Natural Scalp Synergy Serum (prev Natural Hairgrow Serum), Orchid Serum & Lash Lengthener
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Heather on Active StretchMarks Reducer.
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