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Orchid Facial Serum

A fine light-weight Serum with pure Orchid Extract
For smoothing Fine Lines, Instantly firming appearance, and giving that elusive, healthy Glow to Skin
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Buy Orchid Serum from $16.99

Natural Hair & Scalp Serum

This Golden Synergy of 12 Natural Oils. Our Bestselling Hair Serum for nourished, healthy Hair. Voluminzing treatment which makes hair appear bigger and bouncier after each use. Recommended for those who want to grow hair longer, as this Serum nourishes brittle hair and helps to grow longer.
Client Pics for hairloss

Buy Natural Hair & Scalp Serum from $17.99

Surestop to Eczema Itch Synergy

Eczema Care

Made of Pure Essential Oils of Manuka, Seabuckthorn Berry, Frankincense, Mysore Sandalwood.
95% Organic. Hypo-allergenic. Nut-free.Available 4 strengths.
Buy Surestop to Eczema Itch Synergy from $8
Also avl: Non-petroleum Jelly with essential oils and Beeswax for Itchy Dry Skin and Eczema.
Blogpost: Finding a non-allergenic Eczema Soap- Savon de Marseilles

Rose Night Renewal Cream with Turkish Rose Otto

Rose Skin Care

Made of Pure Essential Oils of Turkish Rose Otto, Pumpkin Seed butter, Lavender. Excellent Scar Softener.
Blogpost: See Pics
Buy Rose Nite Creme from $17.99

See Also: Pure Rose Creme, Vegan Cream from $34.99 Blogpost: The Search for the True Rose Oil

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Party Ready Facial Kit

Face Serums

COMING SOON: A 4-in-1 Facial Kit. Quick & awesome results + daily Nourishment to maintain effects. Be party-ready within the hour.
Facial Treat
Face Polish
Essential Clay Firming Mask
Skin 2 Love Cream
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Body Serums

Body Firming Serums

Tummy Tucker Xtra to firm sagging skin
Body Mask to tone and firm
Stretchmarks Serums
DIY Coconut Cleanse for Tummy Fat Loss.


Healthy Gums
Sensitive Teeth

Rose Eye Serum

Orchid Lip Serum for Smooth, Soft Lips

Acne Products:
Acne Control Serum, Acne Old Scars Serum, Acne Detox Mask, Acne Wash
Acne Client Pics

Thai Bone Pain Synergy with Plai.
Blogpost: Plai for Pain Relief


"Strength & Beauty" Hair Trio

Hair Serums"Strength & Beauty" Hair Kit: Three Hair Treatment Products for most Hair concerns.

1. Natural Hair & Scalp Serum (Bestseller) for Hairloss, Volume, Thinning hair to nourish Scalp.
2. Detangler & Dry Scalp Treatment (Prev Hair Damage Repair).
Use as a Leave-in Conditioner to nourish Brittle, Dry, Coarse, Colored Hair and for Dry, Irritable Scalp
3. Styling Cream for Instant Volume and Definition. Smooth Hair Ends.

Goddess Skin Face Products

Face Serums

Intense nourishment and phenomenal benefits.
Orchid Serum For Glowing, Dew-Kissed Skin. Day Serum. Ageless, Firm, Glowing Skin with Orchid Extract

Pure Rose Creme, Cleopatra's Secret ingredient- the Rose- for Petal Soft, Supple, Clarified, Skin. Night Renewal.