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"The Visible is temporary, the Invisible Eternal.."

Visible Beauty

The advantage of being Mature is that you already know you need Intensive care.. Serums and Overnight Rose Cream can make Skin feel special for the 30+ and well-maintained for 50+ .. More about Aging Skin

Skin Care For the 20+ Young Skin has less damage, easily responds to nourishment. A Gentle Moisturiser, A Natural Wash, Naturally Cleansing Masks would cover most skin needs. Regular Skin Care Products to raise the Quality of your Skin UP several notches.

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Invisible Ingredients Rose Cream from dusky Cleopatra's regime for Flawless Skin
Chinese Orchid Serum for Porcelain-Smoothness
Japanese Geisha Long Hair Serum for fantasy, lustrous locks
Pomegranate Peel & Fig Seeds--Polished Greek God skin
Rejuvenating Ayurveda Bridal Gold Cream
Masks, Washes with Israel's mineral-prize Dead Sea Mud, Australian Manuka...

Inscrutable Methods (How We Make) and
Irrefutable Proof (Testimonials)

Completely Natural Ingredients
For Naturally Soft, Supple, Radiant Skin,
Lustrous Cared-for Hair, Supple Lips, soothing Eyecare

Free of Common Irritants, Fragrance, Color, Water, Alcohol. Gentle Care for those prone to Sensitive Skin.

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