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The touch of Soft, Supple, Radiant Skin,
Lustrous Natural Hair flying in the breeze,
the Beauty of your own Body.

Would your Lifestyle benefit from a touch of Personal Luxury?
If yes, Holistic Serums is the 1-Stop Treatment Shop
for the Care you never had before..

A line of Ancient Beauty Care, made of worship-worthy ingredients.
Rare ingredients, time-consuming processing, and the legends that followed..
Cleopatra, never apart from the dreamy skin imparted by the Rose
'Angel Water' from Aphrodite's Myrtle.. the Greeks, Pomegranates, Figs
the Chinese venerated their Orchids, the Japanese, Camellia fantasies
the opulent Indians ate Gold, worshipped the mystical Lotus...
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Premium Serums & Treatments
handcrafted, with Ancient Beauty ingredients, 99-100% natural butters and oils
Superior Skin & Hair in 3 uses. Look like a Daydream in 1-4 weeks.
Fragrance free, Color free, Water-free.
Free of common irritants, for Sensitive Skin users.
Vegan Products.
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Gold Transform with 23KGold, Myrrh & Frankincense. Christmas Ltd. Ed.

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