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Gold Transform with 23KGold, Myrrh & Frankincense. Christmas Ltd. Ed.

1-Month Skincare Kits Coming Soon!
For now, you can read about them.
Gold Transform Kit Skin Transforming Kit with 23K Gold, Myrrh & Frankincense
Pigmentation Kit
Acne Kit
Jewel-Finish Kit
Party Ready Kit. Buy Here

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250+ Natural Ingredients

The DayDream Collection with rare, elusive Ancient Beauty Secrets
Touch is Reality
The Luxury of Soft, Smooth Skin
A full head of Natural Hair, Blowing in the breeze,
Lips protected in Winter gales
What more do you need, to feel Perfectly at Ease?
All the Skincare & Haircare you need, at your fingertips..

We Believe in Slow Living
creating Time-Consuming works of Art
Labor-intensiveness & the indulgence that brings to life the Dream..

Holistic Serums make you experience the sheer Luxury that Time makes.
Specialty Products, Superior Hair & Skin Care, for a Rich, Luxe, Super-Maintained Look
Beauty & Joy, Contentment, at every Age.

Natural Hair & Scalp Serum

Make your Hair Gold!
A golden Synergy of 12 Natural Oils, for nourished, healthy Hair. Volumizing treatment which makes your hair naturally fuller and bouncier after each use. A Scalp Elixir, this Serum enables in the good functioning of Sebum, thereby nourishing brittle hair, protects from breakage, it may help to lengthen in a far efficient way. May also help in maintaining a distinguished grey hair color. Vegan.
Client Pics for thinning

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Orchid Facial Serum

A fine light-weight Serum with pure extract from Cymbidium Orchid Flowers
The Orchid is known for its lasting beauty and smooth texture, which this Serum delivers. Smoothing Fine Lines, Giving Skin an Instantly firm, Radiant appearance with an elusive, healthy Glow. Vegan.

See what VeganBeautyReview Says about our Best-sellers of 8 years

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Surestop to Eczema Itch Synergy

Eczema Care
For Dry, Itchy, Inflamed Skin. A Synergy of pure Hypoallergenic, Nut-free oils, 95% Organic. Available in 4 strengths, 3 Sizes. Beneficial for Winter Weather. Enhanced with Essential Oils of Manuka, Seabuckthorn Berry, Frankincense, Mysore Sandalwood. Vegan.
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Winter Salve: A heavy barrier cream with essential oils & Beeswax for Itchy Dry Skin.
Blogpost: Finding Non-allergenic Eczema Soap- Savon de Marseilles

Rose Night Renewal Cream with Turkish Rose Otto

Rose Skin Care

An enriching Overnight Cream, to make Skin Supple, soft. Gently fragranced with pure Essential Oils of Turkish Rose Otto, Pumpkin Seed butter, Lavender. Excellent Scar Softener.
Client Pics for Scar softening

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Blogpost: Search for the True Rose Oil

Beautiful Body

Body SmoothersBody Serums and Creams for a curvilicious, streamlined body.
When you do all those workouts, but the results are hidden by fat and skin- if you are looking to show it all off- here's some help for you.
3 awesome products that will help Nourish Skin intensely, and give a great finishing touch to your workouts.
Tummy Tucker Xtra for the appearance of tighter skin, just like a Serum for the face, but this one is for the Belly region, enahnced with White Lotus Extract.
In Too Deep a Smoothing, Nourishing Balm with Kokum Butter, for fragile, Stretched out Skin in areas of Stretchmarks.
Contains Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil, Tamanu and ayurved ingredients to enahance a super smooth appearance.

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Health Synergies

Health Synergies

Synergies to make Life easier, happier.
Keep these in your medicine cabinet for natural stress-free relief

Sensitive Teeth Synergy
Hot Thai Balm, for Joint Pain and Mobility with oils used in Thai Massage.
Read about Plai from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Sinus Relief and Gentle Cold Decongestant

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